This pulley kit can be used with our 20ft Mammoth Rig or other aerial rigs. 

The pulley system ensures a balanced load for your dynamic skills. Single pulley systems put a un even strain on your rig. With our tandom pulley, twisting hardware and ropes are simply eliminated. This rope has a polyester mantle cover over a continuous filament, low twist nylon kern. This creates a rope with a low elongation factor and high tensile strength.


  • Rope: 85ft x Rope: 11mm x  Double Braid Nylon rope - breaking strength 9500lbs
  • Carabiners: 6 x Link 2 steel screw gate - 25kn
  • Tandom pulley: Linkk2 tandom 2" pulley - 25kn
  • Single pulley: Linkk2 single 2" pulley - 25kn

*** Note - The pulley kit is intended to be set up as displayed on the photo. Knowledge in basic rigging (rope work, carabiners and pulleys) is required by all users of the pulley kit. Appropriate anchor knots should be tied to two legs of the rig.

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Aerial Rig Pulley Kit

  • Brands JuggleGear
  • Product Code: aerial pulley kit
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $295.00

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