Aerial Straps

Aerial Strap Kit - complete Aerial

Aerial Strap Kit - complete

A decent Polyester set of straps, complete with hardware. Don't let this great price fool you, this ..


Aerial Straps - pro  Aerial

Aerial Straps - pro

Our straps are made with a cotton/nylon blend that is both exceptionally strong, and fabulously comf..


Linkk 2 - Equinox - Steel Carabiner (Screw Gate) Aerial

Linkk 2 - Equinox - Steel Carabiner (Screw Gate)

The Equinox is a oval-shaped carabiner, which decreases the chances of cross loading the gate and di..


Link 2 - Tri Swivel - Stainless Steel  Aerial

Link 2 - Tri Swivel - Stainless Steel - Sealed ball Bearing

Stainless steel body mounted onto enclosed stainless steel ball bearings allow for smooth swivel to ..


Link 2 Rigging Plate Aerial

Link 2 Rigging Plate

Large 5 Hole Rigging Plate allows easy rigging setups for a variety of big wall anchors and rescue a..


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