Aerial Hardware and Supplies

Aerial Hardware and Supplies
We stock a range of rigging equipment and supplies for your aerial equipment.
You should consult an expert rigger to ensure a suitable and safe installation.

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Aerial Rig Pulley Kit Aerial

Aerial Rig Pulley Kit

This pulley kit can be used with our 20ft mk3 Mammoth Rig or other aerial rigs. The pulley syst..


Link2 D ring Aerial

Link2 D ring



Beam Bolt on Plate

Beam Bolt on Plate

This Beam Anchor plate are designed to attach to large wood or cement beams. 1/2 bolts are not inclu..


Double Braid Nylon 12.5mm Aerial Hardware and Supplies

Double Braid Nylon 12.5mm

Double braid nylon is a great all-around rope. A nylon core inside a soft nylon cover results in a 1..


EnForcer  Load Cell by Rock Exotica

EnForcer Load Cell by Rock Exotica

The Enforcer is a compact aluminum load cell that measures force up to 20 kN. Utilizing two samplin..


Mueller Magic Grip Spray Aerial

Mueller Magic Grip Spray

Magic grip is not sticky or tacky. It helps improve grip by repelling water and sweat. Great fo..


NFPA 1983 Static Kernmantle Rope

NFPA 1983 Static Kernmantle Rope

Kernmantle ropes are the ideal choice for life safety and rescue applications. These ropes..




The Omni-Block combines a swivel and pulley into one tool, and incorporates a unique sideplate that ..


Orbitor Swivel Aerial

Orbitor Swivel

This compact, low profile swivel is ideal for special uses where a smooth form, minimum size and min..


PMP 2.0 Double pulley

PMP 2.0 Double pulley

The Rock Exotica Prusik Minding Pulley (PMP) is the original, time-tested workhorse for lifting, hau..


PMP 2.0 Single pulley Aerial

PMP 2.0 Single pulley

The Rock Exotica Prusik Minding Pulley (PMP) is the original, time-tested workhorse for lifting, hau..


Rotator Round Swivel (Large) Aerial

Rotator Round Swivel (Large)

The two large 1.3" (32mm) eyes are ideal for use with webbing, and allows for connection of multiple..


Round Slings Aerial

Round Slings

Our round slings are made from the highest quality materials. The interior of our round slings are m..


Shackle Swivel Aerial

Shackle Swivel

The Shackle Swivel saves valuable headspace by allowing you to connect webbing, eyes or thimbles dir..


Siren Fabric Bell - Linkk2 Aerial Hardware and Supplies

Siren Fabric Bell - Linkk2

A Fabric Bell is designed to prevent min wear or stress on Aerial silks / Tissue. All Stainless stee..


Aerial Hoop Lead  Aerial

Aerial Hoop Lead

Lead ropes for aerial hoop. This is a soft flexible lead rope with the confidence of a reinforced st..


Linkk 2 - Equinox - Steel Carabiner (Screw Gate) Aerial

Linkk 2 - Equinox - Steel Carabiner (Screw Gate)

The Equinox is a oval-shaped carabiner, which decreases the chances of cross loading the gate and di..


Linkk2 D Lock Carabiner (ANSI) Aerial Hardware and Supplies

Linkk2 D Lock Carabiner (ANSI)

The Linkk2 D Lock is an amazing piece of kit. The heavy duty double action auto locking gate and D s..


Link 2 Steel Carabiner (Auto Lock) Black Aerial

Linkk2 Steel Carabiner (Auto Lock) Black

Oval-shaped carabiner decreases the chances of cross loading the gate and distributes the load evenl..


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Mueller M Tape Aerial

Mueller M Tape

The Mueller M-Tape colored athletic tape is the highest quality athletic tape available anywhere. Th..

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