We get many requests to support/sponsoring different worthy causes. Some times we are able to offer more direct support to events and worthy causes. 

Support for Events

Sometimes we can support with direct donations for causes or events.
Please keep in mind we are unable to support all the events that contact us. We look for events which promote the newcomers to our art forms. Please email us with information about your event.

Sponsored Artists

Sponsored artist / athletes are mainly individuals which have brought to us a unique project or concept. Which we are able to work together on. Many times I feel this is more of a partnership as both sides bring so much to the table. The odd time we just meet an athlete / artist who is such an amazing leader we just want to say thank you for doing what they do. If you know someone you would like to nominate for this program let us know.

How to Apply:

Please send all inquiries/applications to info@jugglegear.com. Be sure to include your contact information (email, phone, address). We get a lot of requests, and can only support a few each year. We thank all who apply, how ever we will only contact applicants we are able to offer support to. With 1-2 requests a day, we just can't support all of them.