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Aerial Hammock can be used for performance, exercise, suspended yoga, or to generate atmosphere. Yoga hammocks are used to support your body allowing you to achieve deep stretches and other yoga positions in a more relaxing way. Aerial yoga also helps develop core strength and decompression of the spine.

Available in a range of colors, our aerial fabric has been specifically designed and tested for aerial use. Only the best and most comfortable materials are used.

Our wide fabric make for fantastic aerial yoga hammocks.

All hard ware kits now supplied with the Linkk2 ultimate anchor chain.


  • aerial fabric 110" wide 
  • 2 x D Steel rings 
  • Width 279cm | 110" 
  • Weave: Tricot 
  • material: 100% Nylon 
  • Colors: a large selection of colors 

  • Working Load Limit: 192 kg (425 lbs) | 1.9KN 
  • Breaking load: 1542kg (3400 lbs) | 15KN (one side of fabric)
  • Stretch 5% - based upon 100lb weight (low - medium)


** Note: Additional aerial hardware (sold separately) to hang this product.

Single point vs Double point hammocks. Which set up you choose comes down to personal preference.

Single point (sling or cocoon):

Double point:

  • Requires 2 anchor points
  • Better for aerial yoga
  • The most popular of the two

To hang your aerial hammock you will need either, professionally installed anchors or our indoor rigging frame. 

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