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A great set of handstand canes for all hand balancers from Amateurs to professionals. 
Canes are a good way to advance your hand balancing and inverted goals. 
Elevate your shapes and improve your strength. 

Our design allows for adjustable width which is important to prevent injury and longevity of your hand balancing.
Easy to carry in a backpack, etc. As design allows you to assemble and re assemble with out wear to the parts. This is handy for traveling.  
Professionally made, solid build construction and affordable canes. 

  • Materials: stainless steel bar, hardened steel flanges, birch wood 
  • Base size: 70cm by 55cm 
  • Metal hardware in base allows you to assemble and un assemble for travel.
  • Adjustable Width between the posts:
  •     40cm, 36.5cm, 34cm, 31cm, 28cm 
  • Height options: 50 cm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • block 10 x 13 cm 
  • Packs down for travel  

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