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The Concentrate C4 light staff has now proven itself to be the light staff that can take the knocks. As the custom designed electronic units are self contained in each end the need for wires is eliminated. Unlike other illuminated staffs the C4 light staff creates more of a "sheet of light" effect. To create this we use a highly formulated fibre optic core for light distribution.

These staffs are used by top performers around the world. The 1st level learn mode allows you to put the 19 patterns into your preferred order. Example: strobe first push, alternating second push and so on up to 50 times. The 2nd level learn mode allows you to specify how long you want each pattern to play for and will then play all your preferred patterns as one continuous sequence. This means that now you can program the unit to music and only have to push the switch once at the start. We have also added a dark pattern that will allow you to push the switch off stage and the unit wont kick in till your ready.

The new C4 is really simple to use and eliminates the hassle of hooking up to a computer.

As the electronics are independant of each other, their settings can be combined to give you a greater range of options. Example: White strobe in one end with red in the other gives you a candy stripe.

  • Lengths: 1220 mm (48"),1320 mm (52"), 1420 mm 
  • Polycarbonate tubing with a silicone outer skin for grip. 
  • 25 mm (1") outside diameter making it super strong and giving maximum grip. 
  • Highly formulated polymer core for maximum light distribution and effects. 
  • Removable high impact electronic unit at each end equipped with red, green and blue LED's. These Cree and Nichia LED's are the best on the market pumping out over 60,000 MCD per end. 
  • The 15 settings include fades, strobes and static effects with the ends being independently controlled to allow the fusion of different settings (see below for list of modes). 
  • Each unit is powered by just a single AAA battery (rechargeable batteries inc.). 
  • Silicone stoppers cap the ends making the staff splash proof and allow easy activation of the new heavy duty moisture resistant switch. 
  • Over 4hrs of continuous usage with rechargeable batteries. 
  • Over 10hrs of continuous usage from disposable batteries 

Programmed LED Flash Sequences:
1.Fast alternating: red, green, blue, white
2.Medium alternating: red, green, blue, white
3.Slow alternating: red, green, blue
4.Fast strobe: white
5.Medium strobe: white
6.Solid: red
7.Solid: blue
8.Solid: green
9.Solid: red, blue
10.Solid: green, blue
11.Solid: white
12.Overlapping fades: red, green, blue
13.Fade in, fade out: white
14.Alternating fades: red, green, blue
15.Random cop sirens: red, green, blue

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