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The kit is designed for a 24ft roof or lower. This spotting system is intended as an aid for coaching Acrobatic gymnastics. If your needs differ we can help develop customized kits for you.


  • Rope: 12.5mm x 40m x  Double Braid Nylon rope - breaking strength 9500lbs
  • Carabiners: 2 x Link 2 steel - 25kn
  • Double pulley: Link 2 double pulley - 24kn
  • Single pulley: Link 2 single  pulley - 25kn
  • Harness options:
  •     - harness Sizes
    • X Small: waist measurement 20" to 33" | 50cm  to 83cm (small kids)
    • Small: waist measurement 26" to 43" | 66cm to 109cm 
    • Medium: waist measurement 34" to 48" | 83cm to 121cm 
  •     - Optional Rock Exotica swivels - to prevent twisting of your ropes. 

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